Adelaide Football Club
2010 Logo Adelaide
    Nickname(s) Crows
    Joined AFL 1991
    Minor Premiers 2005
    Premierships 1997, 1998
    Runners-up   —
    Wooden Spoons   —
Other Information
    Matches Adelaide Oval
    Training Football Park

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The Adelaide Crows joined the AFL in 1991 and won the premiership in 1997 and 1998.

Their first and only Brownlow Medallist is Mark Ricciuto who won the Brownlow in 2003. Andrew McLeod was awarded the Norm Smith in the 1997 and 1998 Grand Finals.

From 2014 season, Adelaide will play its home matches at the redeveloped Adelaide Oval. Adelaide previously played at Football Park in Adelaide's west suburbs.
Year Titles Medals Home Ground Coach
Premiers Runners
Coleman Brownlow
1991   Football Park   Graham Cornes
1992   Football Park   Graham Cornes
1993   Football Park   Graham Cornes
1994   Football Park   Graham Cornes
1995   Football Park   Robert Shaw
1996   Football Park   Robert Shaw
1997 2010 Logo Adelaide   Tony Modra   Football Park   Malcolm Blight
1998 2010 Logo Adelaide   Football Park   Malcolm Blight
1999   Football Park   Malcolm Blight
2000   Football Park   Gary Ayres
2001   Football Park   Gary Ayres
2002   Football Park   Gary Ayres
2003   Mark Ricciuto   Football Park   Gary Ayres
2004   Football Park   Gary Ayres
2005 2010 Logo Adelaide   Football Park   Neil Craig
2006   Football Park   Neil Craig
2007   Football Park   Neil Craig
2008   Football Park   Neil Craig
2009   Football Park   Neil Craig
2010   Football Park   Neil Craig
2011   Football Park   Neil Craig
2012   Football Park   Brenton Sanderson
2013   Football Park   Brenton Sanderson
2014   Adelaide Oval   Brenton Sanderson
2015   Adelaide Oval   Phil Walsh
Year Premiers Runners
Coleman Brownlow Home Ground Coach
Titles Medals


Current SquadEdit

Adelaide Football Club



1 Matt Crouch
2 Brad Crouch
4 Josh Jenkins
5 Scott Thompson
6 Jake Lever
7 Nathan van Berlo
8 Mitch Grigg
9 Rory Sloane
10 Matthew Jaensch
12 Daniel Talia
13 Taylor Walker (C)
14 David Mackay
15 Kyle Hartigan
16 Luke Brown
18 Eddie Betts
21 Rory Atkins
22 Andy Otten
23 Charlie Cameron
24 Kyle Cheney
26 Richard Douglas
27 Tom Lynch
28 Cam Ellis-Yolmen
29 Rory Laird
31 Jarryd Lyons
33 Brodie Smith
34 Sam Shaw
35 Harrison Wigg
38 Harry Drear
39 Riley Knight
40 Luke Lowden
41 Mitch McGovern
43 Reilly O'Brien
45 Ricky Henderson
46 Keenan Ramsay
47 Jake Kelly
TBD Dean Gore
TBD Curtly Hampton
TBD Troy Menzel
TBD Paul Seedsman
TBD Hugh Greenwood
Italics denote Rookies
(C) denotes Captain
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